Orient Bell at Kolkata Acetech Exhibition(16th - 18th Jan 2015) Orient Bell at Delhi Acetech Exhibition(18th - 21st Dec 2014) 2nd Visit to Holy Family Orphanage (17th Dec 2014) Swatchh Bharat Abhiyaan at Head Office (6th Dec 2014) Orient Bell at Bangalore International Exhibition Center (28th - 30th November 2014) OBTB Inauguration – Bansal & Co In Agra (17th Nov 2014) OBTB Inauguration – Marble Selection In Guwahati (11th Nov 2014) OBTB Inauguration – Shree Sanitary Center In Guwahati (11th Nov 2014) Diwali Party 2014 - At Head Office OBTB Inauguration - KSR Ceramics In Bangalore (15th Oct 2014) “Joy of giving & Daan Utsav” celebrated at SKD Plant Celebrated “The Joy of Giving Week” at Head Office Celebrated “The Joy of Giving Week” with Holy Family Orphanage Kids on 7th October OBTB Inauguration - Sneha Marble In Ramgarh, Ranchi (10th Sep 2014) OBTB Inauguration - Shree Mahavir Tile & Sanitary In Hazaribagh, Ranchi (10th Sep 2014) OBTB Inauguration - Monika Marbel In Lohardaga, Ranchi (09th Sep 2014) OBTB Inauguration - Shriram Marbel In Daltengang, Ranchi (09th Sep 2014) OBTB Inauguration - Ranks Trends & Interiors In Chennai (20th Aug 2014) Independence Day Celebration (14th Aug 2014) First OBL Volleyball League (12th Aug 2014) OBTB Inauguration - Vijaya Enterprises In Chennai (23rd July 2014) OBTB Inauguration - Smart Ceramics In Chennai (22nd July 2014) River Rafting Trip (14th - 15th June 2014) “Fitness League” at Iris House (12th June 2014) Launch of Orient Bell Tile Boutique In Bangalore Annual Sales Conference - 2014 Annual Sales Conference - 2014 New Year Party - 2014 New Year Party - 2014 Diwali Celebration - 2013 Independence Day - 2013 Independence Day - 2013 Holi Celebration - 2013
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Tiles Manufacturer

Bedroom Tiles

Bedroom is a space where you would love to walk bare foot, but only if the floor is appealing enough. Beauty along with comfort and hygiene is a must for your flooring decisions.

Kicthen Tiles

Whether your home has a large of a small kitchen, if it is intelligently designed and well-planned cooking food becomes a pleasurable experience.

Bathroom Tiles

Gone are the days when we tried to spend the minimum time in our Bathrooms as they were the tiniest and dingiest of spaces in our dwellings

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